About Us

The Epiphany Watch Box was conceptualized by Gurjyot Singh Narang with an aim of creating a watch-box which is as personal, meaningful and long-lasting as a watch, and was brought to life by other fellow watch enthusiasts via Kickstarter.



There are some very specific communities in India who have been into wood carving for centuries and the art has been passed down from one generation to another. The livelihood of these skilled craftsmen who were into manual wood carving was brought to a halt as the world moved towards the use of mass produced cheap goods, forcing them to pick up any odd-off jobs to fulfil their basic needs. At Epiphany Watch Accessories, we take up the social responsibility of supporting the local community of these highly skilled craftsmen, and enabling them to do what they do best. Through The Epiphany Watch Box, we are able to bring to you the dying art of wood carving, by providing these skilled wood carvers a platform to share their skills with you and make a fulfilling livelihood in the process.

As fellow watch enthusiasts, we at Epiphany Watch Accessories wish to share with you the same meaningful experience of owning a timepiece that is close and personal to you, and The Epiphany Watch Box is the first step towards that.